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4 Reasons to Use a Maglock
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4 Reasons to Use a Maglock

Delayed Egress for Healthcare Facilities

Secure exits at memory care wards, hospital, behaviour health centers, child care facilities and more. Delayed egress magnetic locks initiate alarm and delay timer, giving personnel time to respond.

Durable Maglocks for High Traffic Openings

Ideal for traffic control in high-use areas where low maintenance is required. Maglocks are frictionless and don’t wear out the same way a latch or strike would, offering durability that will last long after most buildings wear out.

Shear Maglocks for Sliding Applications

Maglocks are becoming more popular as design trends increase the demand for sliding doors. Concealed magnetic locks work well on sliding doors and their hidden strength is ideal for traffic control in light to medium security applications such as private work spaces and atriums.

Specialty Maglocks for Perimeters & Gates

Specialty magnetic locks have fully sealed electronics and are outdoor rated to provide access control on unique applications including sliding doors and perimeter gates.

1 Reason to Not Use a Maglock

Maglocks require constant power to stay locked, this means they operate in a fail-safe mode. This can lead to an unsecured opening in the event of a power outage, making them an unwise choice for doors where entry security is a concern. In this case a fail-secure locking option – power is required to unlock the door – is a better solution.

** Always be sure to check with your local AHJ for specific code requirements.

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