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A Commercial Fire Alarm System to Help Beat the Heat | SES | Security Equipment Supply

A Commercial Fire Alarm System to Help Beat the Heat
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A Commercial Fire Alarm System to Help Beat the Heat

Do you install commercial fire alarm and emergency mass notification systems? Are you looking for a product that offers both features? Then look no further… The Silent Knight 6820EVS by Honeywell is a fire alarm control panel and emergency mass notification system integrated together and housed in one panel. The 6820EVS meets the requirements for mass notification as described in UL 2572 and serves as a direct replacement to the 5820XL – EVS panel.

The 6820EVS has one built-in signaling line circuit (SLC), which can support 159 SK System Sensor® sensors and 159 SK modules or 127 SD Hochiki® devices per loop. To increase point capability, additional SLC loops can be added using the 6815 SLC expander for SK devices or the 5815XL expander for SD devices, increasing the point capacity to a maximum of 1110 points for SK devices and 635 points for SD devices.

The operations of this fire alarm and emergency mass notification system include an onboard supervised microphone, all-call and non-active call buttons that quickly select all active or all non-active output groups, and allows for emergency communication system (ECS) messages to take priority over fire.

The 6820EVS is ideal for hard-to-wire locations, buildings that won’t allow for new wiring, or to provide easy to install commercial fire alarm systems for new construction projects. Thanks to SWIFT compatibility options, wireless detection through a Class A mesh network is possible.

Features & Benefits

  • Up to 1,110 points for greater design flexibility. Additional SLCs can be added until maximum point levels are reached.
  • Connect up to 17 panels on one site with convenient single point access; compatible with mixed FACP models.
  • 15 recordable one minute messages can be mapped to eight different EVS buttons.
  • Built-in USB interface for convenient programming.
  • Built-in annunciator with a large 160 character, 4 x40 interactive touch display
  • 16 built-in speaker group switches; expandable to 32.

The 6820EVS system offers several options to simplify and speed-up programming. JumpStart® AutoProgramming minimizes programming required to start a new system.

User Interface

The 6820EVS built-in 4 x 40 annunciator with 160-character interactive touch display can be used for system operation, programming, as well as maintenance. The User Interface contains five LEDs for alarm, supervisory, system trouble, system silenced and system power. System operations include silencing alarms and troubles, resetting alarms, and the displaying alarm troubles. The system's non-volatile event history buffer stores 1,000 events for viewing from the built-in or remote annunciator. System operations can be initiated with a mechanical firefighter's key or a valid 4- to 7-digit operator's code.

Compatible Annunciators include: 6860, 5860, 6855, 5865-3, 5865-4, and 5880

To learn more about the 6820EVS or similar commercial fire alarm systems from Honeywell, contact your local Security Equipment Supply representative.