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Build an Exit Delay System for Any Situation
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Build an Exit Delay System for Any Situation

Every access control client has the same needs, right? Ok obviously, this is not the case, but how do you ensure the exit delay system you’re installing will meet the unique needs of your client? Thanks to ASSA ABLOY you can now customize components based on your client’s specific application.

ASSA ABLOY’s UL/ULC Exit Delay System (EXD) delivers the perfect bundle to meet your project needs.

If you are ready to build an exit delay system customized to your customer’s specific application, then use the Securitron Component EXD five step modular approach to meet the specific requirements of all doors as well as the desired level of access control, physical security, and ease of maintenance.

The Five Steps are:

  1. Select a locking device (one per door)
  2. access-control-locking-devices
    • Determine the proper mounting type - Direct Mount, Bracket Mount, Shear Mount
    • Determine required holding force - between 600 and 1,800 lbs.
    • Choose from the following Magnalock Series: M32, M34R, M38, M62, M68, M82 or SAM
  3. Choose an initiating device (one per door)
  4. access-control-initiating-devices
    • Determine the proper type of egress – Egress Control Only or Egress Control with Electronic Access Control Capability
    • Select the type of door – Fire Rated or Non-Fire Rated
    • Choose from the following products: SB-MXD, LML, LMS, DSB, TSB, TSH, EMB, Sargent 80 Series with 55 prefix, Adams Rite 3700, 3600, 3300, 3100
  5. Choose an Exit Delay Timer (one per opening)
  6. access-control-exit-delay-timers
    • Choose between products: XDT, BA-XDT, FA-XDT
    • If XDT is chosen, a sounder is required to be installed. If BA-XDT or FA-XDT is chosen, a Sonalert and exit sticker are included
    • Applications utilizing more than one door will require the purchase of additional EXD-1L Door Labels
  7. Choose a System Reset (one per opening)
  8. access-control-system-resets
    • Determine method for system reset - Manual (NBC of Canada, NFPA 101 & UBC) or Automatic (UBC & BOCA)
    • Choose between these products: MK Series with momentary switch designed for Manual Reset or DPS-W and DPS-M designed for Automatic Reset
  9. Choose a Power Source (one per building)
  10. access-control-power-sources
    • Component EXD is based on a single BPS Series Power Supply
    • Different sizes are available depending on the number of doors required
    • Choose between - BPS or BPSM Series

Speak with your local SES representative to learn about customizing the perfect Exit Delay System for any application.

Securitron Component EXD Certifications and listings

  • UL/cUL FWAX.SA6635 / FWAX7.SA6635
  • UL Certificate of Compliance (CoC)
  • CSFM 3774-0923:0102
  • Underwriter's Laboratories: FWAX Special Locking Arrangements File SA6635
  • California State Fire Marshal: 3774-0923:0102
  • City of New York MEA: 251-95E & 254-95E
  • EMB UL Approval Pending
  • FWAX2.SA6635 /FWAX8.SA6635