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Web Series Episode 3 of Interlogix Today: TruVision® NVR
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Web Series Episode 3 of Interlogix Today: TruVision® NVR

Tune into Interlogix Today! In the third episode, Warren returns, alongside Richard, to talk about changes in TruVision video recorders. These changes are driven by increased resolution and storage needs. You asked for it, they brought it!

According to Interlogix Today, "TruVision's NVR product portfolio can meet the demands of all types of applications, everything from small to mid-size commercial installations." This insightful video is part of an ongoing brand-new web series showing innovative new products. The Interlogix Today series provides you with exclusive insights into featured products, benefits, and ways to incorporate these products into your everyday life to help make things a little easier. The information given is summed up in a quick and practical manner, all while giving valuable advice on the latest products.

Follow this episode series to see first-hand conversations between experts and gain a better understanding on just how much Interlogix products will benefit your customers, as they help with everyday life. Who wouldn't want to learn more about up-to-date available Interlogix security, protection, and lifestyle solutions?

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