How Can You Quickly Add Remote Door Chime to An Alarm.Com Doorbell Camera?

How Can You Quickly Add Remote Door Chime to An Alarm.Com Doorbell Camera?

If installing an doorbell camera at a location where there is no existing or functional doorbell, the ADC-W115C can be plugged into an unswitched AC outlet, where it can both act as a Wi-Fi extender for a client’s overall wireless network and can also provide chime sounds activated from compatible doorbell cameras.

Requiring a Wi-Fi network and broadband connection, the ADC-W115C can be powered and quickly connected to the client’s network using wireless protected setup (WPS), the dealer portal or via an app. For best results, the ADC-W115C initially should be plugged into an AC outlet that is physically close to the client’s Wi-Fi access point or router. Once the device has been programmed for the Wi-Fi network, it can be unplugged and inserted into an AC outlet that is closer to the camera-equipped entry door.

Four LEDs provide installers and end users with a clear indication of the device’s status. The LEDs indicate power, Internet connection, chime function enabled, and a blinking LED that indicates the status of the ADC-W115C if using WPS for the initial Wi-Fi programming.

This wireless extender/Door chime annunciator is a low-cost and easy-to-install device that can be added to existing systems where it will work with an doorbell camera, or the client can enjoy enhanced 2.4GHz Wi-Fi coverage when the ADC-W115C is included.

Some of the device highlights include:

· Simple Power using AC outlets

· Device can be readily moved to another outlet to provide desired coverage

· 77 dB chime sound

· Works seamlessly with doorbell cameras

· WPS Wi-Fi programming and WPA2 encryption

· Low Cost

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