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Improving Video Surveillance for your Clients | SES | Security Equipment Supply

Improving Video Surveillance for your Clients
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Improving Video Surveillance for your Clients

This low light CCTV Camera (CSI O2ID8) from Speco Technologies features the next generation of Intensifier® technology, perfect for any clients’ video surveillance needs. Ultra Intensifier® technology can capture color video in low light, eliminating the need for IR LEDs and monochrome video when a slight amount of ambient light is present. This camera can capture incredibly vivid color images without image ghosting and noise.

Power this CCTV camera with a single Ethernet cable and eliminate those extra wires thanks to PoE technology!

Features Include:
  • Color video both day and night
  • IP66-rated enclosure for outdoor use.
  • Preset modes for different installation scenarios
  • Full HD resolution @ 30fps
  • WDR operation
  • SD card backup in case of lost network connection or stolen device
  • Weather resistant
  • Included junction box
  • Speco Cloud compatible
  • 5-year warranty
Find a Security Equipment Supply nearby to see for yourself why Speco cameras with Intensifier® technology are right for any application.