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Increase Your Margins and Win More Project Bids with System Sensor Notification Devices | SES | Security Equipment Supply

Increase Your Margins and Win More Project Bids with System Sensor Notification Devices
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Increase Your Margins and Win More Project Bids with System Sensor Notification Devices

Fire protection equipment, mass notification devices, and voice evacuation systems all provide installers unique opportunities for growth. Everyone wants to grow their business, but to do so in this market you’ll need an audible visible (AV) line that can be quickly installed in large quantities, and is also powerful enough to meet any installation requirements.

No matter what type of notification devices your project requires, System Sensor fire alarm equipment allows for a quick and easy installation experience. The System Sensor L-Series 2-Wire Wall Horn Strobe (SYS P2RL) greatly reduces the time and cost required to install, configure, and maintain a notification system. System Sensor also offers a uniform product line, this reduces the training needed prior to installation and helps avoid confusion on the job site.

Why is this important?

By reducing the cost and time associated with notification system installation you can increase your margins, win more project bids, and take on more customers.

Design Benefits

System Sensor notification systems provide many benefits outside of aesthetic and functional consistency among product lines. Time and cost benefits can be identified by the System Sensor design. All devices use a universal mounting plate for both wall and ceiling installations. This mounting plate includes an on-board shorting spring to ensure wiring continuity before installation begins. Avoid risking exposure to potential construction damage by verifying that the loop is properly wired prior to mounting the L-Series notification devices.

After mounting the plates all System Sensor devices utilize a single captured screw and plug-in design to decrease installation time and practically eliminate costly ground faults that result from crushed or pinched wires. If a notification device becomes damaged or requires reconfiguration, the installer needs to simply loosen a single screw to unplug the device for maintenance.

New bezel kits are now available that allow for field customization of not only the 2-Wire Wall Horn Strobe, but all System Sensor L-Series notification devices. This means the benefits customers have come to expect from System Sensor products are available no matter what a particular installation requires. Mounting plates with on-board shorting springs, plug-in design with minimal intrusion into the back box across the entire product line, and a single captured screw that allows for both time and cost efficient device mounting are just a few of the benefits System Sensor customers are accustomed to.

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