Paxton Paxlock and App!

Paxton Paxlock and App!

Paxton Paxlock and App!

Give your customers the ease of installation with the Net2 Paxlock-C Keyway, that comes ready to install!

This simple and secure Net2 door handle can be fitted in minutes, and in real-time, the PaxLock reports events back to the Net2 server. The AA batteries are easy to change, and the lock even features a full battery management system that gives off low-battery alerts.

This Paxton door handle is compatible with EM and Paxton proximity tokens, and offers a key override option. The Net2 Paxlock and the Net2 server communicate wirelessly through the Net2Air and the Net2Air Ethernet bridges, providing all of the advantages in a wireless access control system.

There are two handle designs available for this product – Eclipse and Galaxy

Visit the Paxton website or contact your SES sales representative to learn more!

Part Number: PAX 921-130-US

Also, Paxton now has a new app available!

The Paxton Connect Admin app provides easy and flexible site management on a smartphone for Net2 System Engineers and Operators. It contains five features in one smart user interface and enables users to manage multiple sites remotely.

The features include:

Open Door – This opens a door directly from your phone, wherever you are

User Administration – You can add, delete, and edit users for easy management

Roll Call – To quickly establish whether users are marked as safe in an emergency

Events and Reports – Real-time updates to provide live information on users’ locations

Click here to learn more about the app!