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The Newest Way to Transmit and Receive HDMI Signals | SES | Security Equipment Supply

The Newest Way to Transmit and Receive HDMI Signals
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The Newest Way to Transmit and Receive HDMI Signals

Looking to install or upgrade a video matrix, digital signage, or maybe even create a video wall for your client?

Introducing the Vanco Evolution EVO-IP HDMI over IP system. This product is a complete audio, video, and control product over Ethernet system that offers installers the ability to manage, transmit, and receive audio/video signals, as well as control hundreds of devices over a local network using only three products: a transmitter (EVOIPTX1), receiver (EVOIPRX1), and control box (EVOIPCTL1). This makes the EVO-IP a highly scalable option for AV device management in installations of any size.

Available at Security Equipment Supply, your local audio video equipment distributor, this system is perfect for both residential and commercial applications!

Commercial applications:

  • Bars
  • Restaurants
  • Hospitals
  • Convention Centers
Residential applications:

  • Increased parental control over both sources and displays inside the home
  • Ability to use a single Blu-ray® player or game console in any room of the home

Route HDMI signals over IP. Instead of using a fixed matrix unit, the EVO-IP system can expand HDMI distribution to over 1,000 source and display combos and build any size matrix unit you need for your clients. Now with the ability to upscale and downscale at separate receivers, you can send 4k resolution and choose to downscale to 720p at each TV without compromising the resolution on other screens.


Easy to Install

There is almost no set up involved. The EVO-IP system has an IP-less installation and will automatically detect any new receiver or transmitter every 10 seconds.

Alexa Control

Voice control available for any Amazon Alexa enabled product. Simply say, “Alexa, play cable box on family room TV”, for example.

Scheduled Switching

The system can be set up for commercial open and close times, as well as recurring events like Monday Night Football. The EVO-IP system can be automated completely and can even be told to reboot, email, and send a text if any part of the system goes down.

Video Wall Capability

25 display capability (5 x 5) with the ability to house multiple video walls within one system. Easily customizable with click or touch and drag options to organize both sources and displays within the system. Also, allows for screen rotation, as well as bezel and gap adjustment.

Additional Features

Can overlay text, pictures, and even albums which is perfect for digital signage!

Compatible (Recommended) Ethernet Switches

  • Luxul: AMS, XFS, and XMS models
  • Trendnet: TPE-30102WS and similar TPE series managed switches with routing capabilities

The EVO-IP HDMI over IP system is the fast, easy, and perfect solution for both residential and commercial installations. Make sure to stock up on the audio video equipment supplies you’ll need to customize the EVO-IP system for your application; check out our article on HDMI cables if you are having trouble deciding what will perform best for your next application!