Why is Napco StarLink Such a Great Deal?

Why is Napco StarLink Such a Great Deal?

Why is Napco StarLink Such a Great Deal?

Starlink is Napco’s brand name for a line of LTE cellular communicators designed to upgrade any manufacturer’s old communications methods, including sunsetting 3G/CDMA radios, leased line/POTS landlines, or mesh radios. The StarLink Napco communicators are available in models to work on AT&T or Verizon networks and can report to any central station you choose.

Napco offers a tradeup incentive program that enables dealers to obtain Starlink communicators for little or no cost. The program offers a $100 credit to the dealer’s StarLink radio account, which covers the full cost of one StarLink Intrusion Communicator, which has a suggested dealer price of $99.95. For dealers purchasing the StarLink Connect Communicator, the $100 credit covers the majority of the $139.95 suggested dealer price. Also eligible for the rebate are all Mercantile models and integrated models with built in “StarLink Inside” such as the FireLink FACP.

Even better, there is a Buy 3- Get 1 Free Offer on all StarLink AT&T models.

Starlink Universal Intrusion alarm communicators work on any panel and are available in sole or dual path cellular models. They have unique dual diversity antennas and Signal Boost circuitry that provide greater range and reliability. The communicators install in under 10 minutes using auto-dialer capture activation and Panel-Powered Technology.

StarLink Connect LTE Universal Cell/IP Communicator/Smart Hubs can be used to upgrade or take over virtually any existing alarm system. Alarm reporting can be upgraded to LTE, with unique dual diversity twin antennas and Signal Boost circuitry provide greater range and reliability. In addition, the communicator works with the iBridge app (available on iTunes and Google Play) enabling the customer’s smartphone or other mobile device to act as a Smart Remote Virtual Keypad and to support SMS/MMS text and live video notifications using any keypad bus activities and events. The communicator also supports full remote up/downloads with the original panel program from top brands and supports. The StarLink Connect DL is a universal dual cellular/ IP TE communicator with competitive panel up/download. It can be used with any Vista panel and Compass downloader (and/or DSC panels using DLS software) communicating via Contact ID or 4/2.

The Napco StarLink Fire communicator provides universal full event sole path and dual path cellular and/or IP commercial fire alarm reporting from any panel brand, virtually anywhere. The communicator can be used as primary or backup communications on all 12V-24V control panels and CACPs that communicate using Contact ID and 4/2. Reports to any central station nationwide and features StarLink LTE dual diversity twin antennas and Signal Boost circuitry to provide greater range and reliability. Offers substantial cost savings over monthly dedicated landline charges, with plans available to support check-ins every 200 seconds, 5 minutes or 1 hour. NFPA and UL Code-Compliant. Mercantile models include a locking metal enclosure.

As a Napco wholesale distributor, Security Equipment Supply (SES) carries a full line of StarLink communicators. Security Equipment Supply is a leading alarm distributor, handling residential/ commercial alarm equipment, as well as access control, video and fire protection equipment and more. SES has 13 fully stocked branches across the U.S. and a dedicated team of account representatives ready to assist you with all your home security equipment needs.