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Why You Should Consider the 2GIG GC3e Intrusion Panel
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Why You Should Consider the 2GIG GC3e Intrusion Panel

Why should you choose the 2GIG GC3e intrusion panel for your next low voltage install?

1. First off, the GC3e is the perfect wireless solution for any residential install. It comes equipped with a beautiful 7” interactive touchscreen display, an intuitive user interface, and backwards compatibility with all 2GIG legacy sensors.

2. Unlike the previous GC2 and GC3 panels from 2GIG, the GC3e alarm panels support encrypted sensors. Encrypted sensors add an extra layer of security to any system, keeping the end-user safe from hackers who might attempt to access smart home integrations or intrusion sensors.

Encrypted sensors also help protect you from competitors attempting to perform takeovers.

Since the new 2GIG sensors are encrypted and communicate with the intrusion panel, no other alarm company can reuse your sensors with their panel.

GC3e Panel Capabilities:

The 2GIG GC3e intrusion panel comes with Z-Wave Plus capabilities, which allow home automation products higher functionality, longer range, more battery power, as well as other perks. This makes the GC3e an excellent choice for residential customers interested in smart home and home automation technology.

The GC3e intrusion panel integrates with and gives users a wide variety of features to enjoy. Using a cell phone to control the system remotely, operating lights in the home, unlocking connected doors, opening and closing the garage door, and receiving severe weather warnings are just a few of the features available.

Installer Tips:

Suggested Tools:
  • Sheetrock saw
  • Level
  • Screwdriver / drill
Physical placement on the wall is important:
  • Install the 2GIG GC3e intrusion panel in a central location.
  • Make sure the panel is located near an entry point for easy user control.
  • Strategically locate the panel to ensure wireless sensors are within range.
  • Before you mount the intrusion panel it's always a good idea to install and program sensors in order to test them before physically snaking cables. Doing this will help avoid possibly having to relocate the intrusion panel and patching holes in the wall.
Some have had difficulty putting the panel on the backplate or removing it.
  1. First try looking from below the panel and hooking the top two hooks to the back of the mounting plate.
  2. You should be able to feel some tension once the top hooks are properly placed.
  3. Next push in on the bottom two corners of the intrusion panel until you hear it snap into place.
  4. To remove the GC3e intrusion panel use your thumbs to pull the bottom of the panel away from the wall and then lift up on the panel.

It is normal for the screen to flash as the battery charges when first powering up the panel.

18-gauge wire is the preferred option and you should always stay within 25 to 30 feet when running the power cable.

2GIG GC3e intrusion panels and intrusion sensors are available now at Security Equipment Supply. Give us a call or become a customer today to find out why SES is the perfect partner for your business. Security Equipment Supply is one of the leading low voltage distributors of smart home automation, intrusion panels, access control, and more!