Dormakaba’s K-MOB mobile credentials from Keyscan utilizes Keyscan’s 36-bit format

Dormakaba’s K-MOB mobile credentials from Keyscan utilizes Keyscan’s 36-bit format

As a professional in the electronic security industry, you have likely noticed the ever-increasing demand from end users for mobile credentials on card access systems. Whether utilizing Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), Near Field Communication (NFC), or another form of wireless communication protocol, mobile credentials are changing the way people unlock doors. There are some compelling reasons for this growing trend.

There was a time, not so long ago, when biometric technology seemed very futuristic and was only seen on TV and in movies. Today, thanks to smartphones, biometric-based interactions are an everyday occurrence. It’s highly likely you (and nearly everyone you know) are carrying a smart phone protected by some sort of biometric technology such as facial recognition or a fingerprint reader. Recognizing this fact helps you understand that if an end user is carrying their access credential on their mobile phone, then a biometric component has already been added to their card access system without the added expense of a biometric reader and the hassle of enrolling biometric data for each credential-holder.

We live in an extremely connected world, and it’s uncommon to find someone who doesn’t have their cell phone in their hand, on their person, or in arm’s reach at any given moment. Since mobile credentials are virtual and stored on our mobile devices, they are easy to carry and less likely to be stolen, lost, or left behind.

Dormakaba’s K-MOB mobile credentials from Keyscan utilizes Keyscan’s 36-bit format and BLE technology to help significantly increase the battery life for your end user’s mobile phone. They will function on any Keyscan Aurora (V1.0.16 or higher) or Keyscan LUNA software platform and (at the time of this article) work with Keyscan’s K-SMART3 reader. Later this year, however, they will work on many new versions of Keyscan card readers including the Proximity line. With the ability to adjust the Bluetooth read range in the field, you can extend up to fifty-five feet between the mobile device and the BLE enabled reader.

Keyscan’s K-MOB credentials can be ordered through Security Equipment Supply in quantities of 10, 25, 50 and 100. No expensive portal or end user information required; simply place your order with your SES sales rep to receive your credentials via email. Each mobile credential is stored in the free Keyscan Mobile app (maximum storage of 10 credentials per device), which is available for both Apple and Android. There is no renewal fee; once purchased, they will continue to work with the device on which they were originally activated. With that said, K-MOB credentials can only be registered to a single device. If you reset or replace your phone, you will need a new BLE credential. Please note, due to the nature of these mobile credentials, they are not returnable and non-refundable.

Visit the dormakaba website at to learn more about using Keyscan access control with mobile credentials or reach out to your local SES branch and request to get in touch with your local dormakaba sales representative.