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New From Paxton!
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New From Paxton!

Paxton Entry Standard Video Intercom

Paxton Access has recently introduced a Next-Gen Interactive Touchscreen video intercom and wireless door handle! The Paxton Entry Standard monitor is a cost-effective, feature-rich video intercom solution compatible with a wide range of applications. This product is ideal for hospitals, apartments, offices, schools and more!

The Paxton Entry Standard has a 4.3” capacitive touchscreen and features full-duplex voice communication. This video intercom solution can be desk or wall mounted with or without a handset.

The user interface features both event and call logging while also allowing users to personalize their theme with 14 different designs. Users will also be able to view missed calls thanks to the smart new call snapshot feature!

The Paxton Entry Standard video intercom system consists of three components:

  1. External Panel
  2. Interior Monitor
  3. Door Control Unit

These components all auto-detect on set-up.

Watch the following video to learn more about Paxton's Net2 Entry System:

Paxton PaxLock Pro-Latch Wireless Door Handle

For anyone looking for a smart lock solution, consider the new PaxLock Pro-Latch from Paxton! This wireless smart door handle is designed to secure internal doors and provide dealers with a quick and easy installation process.

The PaxLock is available in black or white color options with the choice of an eclipse or galaxy style handle. Commercial offices, warehouses, retail outlets, education and healthcare facilities are just a few of the ideal locations to utilize the PaxLock Pro-Latch handles from Paxton.

See how easy it is to install the PaxLock in this short video:

This Wireless Smart Handle is UL-294 rated and can be installed without a network as a standalone device, or as a part of Paxton’s Net2 access control system.

The PaxLock smart lockset goes into sleep mode in order to preserve battery life when not in use. Users can ensure doors are always secure and monitor both events and battery status online. Users can also choose to receive email and SMS alerts for added convenience.

Both the Entry Standard Monitor and the PaxLock Pro-Latch Wireless Door Handle from Paxton Access are available today! As one of the leading access control distributors in the U.S. Security Equipment Supply is here to answer any questions you may have on our low voltage products, provide valuable access control training for security dealers and integrators, or even help design your next installation. Become a customer today and see for yourself what partnering with a value-added distributor like SES can do for your business!