Speco O2TML Temperature Reading Panel

Speco O2TML Temperature Reading Panel

Speco O2TML Temperature Reading Panel

Introducing the brand new CSI O2TML 2MP Temperature Reading Panel with Face and Mask Recognition from Speco Technologies! This sleek new panel comes with an 8-inch LCD screen, can recognize the faces of those wearing masks and supports body temperature measurement (accurate up to 0.5 degrees). The CSI O2TML also comes with a wall mount included; floor stands, desk stands and pole stands are sold separately. This panel even integrates with Speco’s new browser based access control platform!

The CSI O2TML Has Configurable Alerts for:

  • Elevated temperature
  • Facial Recognition
  • Mask Detection

How does the CSI O2TML work?

Check out this short video from Speco Technologies:

Features & Details:

  • Quick Reading – Only takes about 2 seconds!
  • Features a White LED that will work in both bars and clubs. This feature can be set to on, off and auto
  • 20,000 face capacity
  • Facial Recognition accurate up to 99.7%.
  • Built in microphone and speaker
  • Weigand Input/Output
  • Set up notifications via email or text

Best practice recommendations for thermal temperature monitoring devices:

  • Install at least 10 feet away from any window or doorway
  • Avoid Direct Sunlight
  • Avoid Indirect Sunlight
  • Avoid Backlight
  • Install at least 6.5 feet away from any light source
  • Avoid any light source in the field of view within 30 degrees of the horizontal plane

Temperature monitoring technology from Speco is available at Security Equipment Supply, a CCTV and access control distributor with 13 locations across the United States. These products are extremely popular with warehouses, apartment complexes, schools, office buildings, bars, museums and more! Make sure your clients are aware of the solutions available to help keep their doors open and their customers comfortable.

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