The 2GIG GC2e Intrusion Panel

The 2GIG GC2e Intrusion Panel

The 2GIG GC2e Intrusion Panel

The 2GIG GC2e-345 Wireless Intrusion Security Panel from Nortek Control provides the perfect foundation for any residential or commercial security installation. The panel connects to most home automation devices using the Z-Wave Plus protocol and provides increased security through the use of encrypted sensors.

Product Overview:

So, what can it do? The 2GIG GC2e can support up to 60 wireless zones, 8 key fobs, 4 wireless keypads, 1 hardwired zone, and allows for up to 64 unique user ID codes. The GC2e is powered by a 1.7A 14VDC transformer that comes included with the panel, however you will still require some cable to connect to the transformer.

Enhanced Security & Automation Features

The two biggest advantages of the 2GIG GC2e over the old GC2 panel are the use of Encrypted Sensors and the addition of Z-Wave Plus. Because the new sensors are encrypted, they speak to the alarm panel in their own unique code which helps prevent the end-user’s security system from being hacked, while reducing the risk of takeovers from your competitors.

The addition of the Z-Wave Plus protocol to the GC2e panel allows for increased battery power, longer range, and more functionality in home automation devices. You can learn more about Z-Wave and Z-Wave Plus here if you’re interested.

Benefits of the 2GIG GC2e

  • The new encrypted sensors help reduce the risk of takeovers and add provide increased security
  • Worry free communication with central station thanks to best in class two-way voice quality
  • Supports legacy 345 sensors to make upgrading a system easy

Features You’ll Love:

  • 5” Interactive Touch Screen
  • Backwards compatible with all GC2 sensors for easy upgrades
  • Compatible with and SecureNet

The 2GIG GC2e intrusion security panel is available for purchase at your local SES. SES - Security Equipment Supply is a distributor of low-voltage intrusion security, access control, video surveillance, home automation and more with 13 locations across the United States. Become a customer today to gain access to pricing and our extensive low-voltage inventory!