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Adept Audio Speakers
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Adept Audio Speakers


Adept is a new premium brand that has built some great sounding, good looking and easy to install architectural speakers, indoor/outdoor loudspeakers and dual-drive digital subwoofers.


Featuring Sonic Performance, Exquisite Design Cues, No Tool Trim Out.

Premium Brand of Architectural and Indoor/Outdoor Speakers Plus Subwoofers

  • The Brand is Focused On Residential and Commercial Dealers Who Install Sound Systems
  • Adept Is Designed and Built By Origin Acoustics
  • Adept Has All New Speaker Baffle Tooling
  • The Adept Brand Has Its Own Unique Loudspeaker Design Criteria
  • Woofers / Tweeters & Networks are Purpose-Built for Adept
  • The Adept Trim-RingTM Is The Really Big Deal Here
  • Adept Is Not Origin Acoustics, It Is a Brand Owned by Origin

Adept Flagship Speakers


“SES is very excited about this new loudspeaker brand,” said John Hill, Director of Sales and Marketing at SES. “With their sonic performance and ease of installation, we believe Adept will become an important part of the SES AV strategy, starting right now and in the years to come.”

Advantage Adept: Some Very Big Differentiators

  • A Great Sounding, Timbre-Matched Loudspeaker Line For Mixing And Matching
  • Plays Louder With Wider Dynamic Range Than Wireless Speakers
  • Designed To Exceed Hi-Res Streaming Media Demands
  • Voiced In-House By Veteran Architectural Acousticians
  • 10 Independent Reviews Available Now

The Adept Trim-Ring™ - A Unique Safety Feature


  • The Adept Trim-RingTM is Is Patented
  • Only Adept Fits Into Our Proprietary Trim-Ring
  • One Trim–Ring Fits All 6 ½” and 8” Ceiling Speakers
  • Trim-Rings Ship in Every Ceiling Speaker Carton
  • Easy to Install - No Tools Needed - Faster Trim-Out
  • One Hand Installations - Safer On Ladders
  • Allows Dealers To Do In-Home Demos
  • Makes It Easy To Compare Adept vs Adept

Another Huge Differentiator – The Adept Look & Feel

  • Consumer Studies Indicate Product Design is Next To Sonic Performance
  • The Adept Look Will Help Break Down Barriers and Close More Deals
  • Adept Speaker Baffles Have Striking Matte / Gloss Offsets
  • Highly Differentiated Product and Packaging Designs
  • Gloss Red Beauty Cartons Support Quality Position

Exquisite Sonic Performance

“Knowing that Adept was designed and voiced in-house at Origin Acoustics says a lot.” said John Hill, SES Director of Sales & Marketing.

“Our dealers are thrilled that we added Adept Audio,” Hill said. SES has long-standing relationships with AV dealers who care a great deal about sonic performance”

Dual-Drive Digital Subs


The Adept sub design has a front-firing woofer and down-firing passive radiator, built to deliver massive deep bass from a compact enclosure.

Commercial / Residential Speakers

IO80-B / IO80-W

  • 8” 3-Way 70V/4-Ohm Indoor Outdoor Speakers
  • 8” Polypropylene Woofers
  • 3” Polypropylene Midranges
  • 1” Swiveling Aluminum Tweeters
  • Power Handling: 150W
  • Freq Res: 38Hz-20kHz
  • Sensitivity: 90dB, 1W1M
  • Available in Black or White

3-Way design with front-mounted 70V/4-Ohm adjustable tap transformer for the ultimate in powerful indoor / outdoor commercial or residential sound systems.


I080 Indoor/Outdoor Speakers

8” Poly Woofers, 3” Poly Mids & 1” Pivoting Aluminum Dome Tweeters. The IO80 is a superb backyard speaker, delivering balanced sound and ample amounts of bass even at high volumes, and without sounding harsh or distorted even with loud rock and hip-hop.

A pair would be plenty enough to power a party in a typical backyard. It was even able to shake the couch during the speaker testing, which is impressive for an 8” woofer. The midrange, especially, sounds relaxed, natural and clean even at high volume, something few outdoor speakers accomplish. Dispersion is excellent—when you walk around, the sound of the speaker changes very little.

  • Superb backyard speaker, delivering balanced sound and ample bass even at high volumes, and without sounding harsh or distorted even with loud music
  • Very flat frequency response at -15° vertical reference axis up to 15 kHz
  • Bass extension down to about 40 Hz
  • Tap switch for use with 70/100-volt systems, plus 4-ohm tap provides impedance of 8 ohms nominal/4 ohms min for standard amps
  • Broad dispersion for excellent sound whether mounted horizontally or vertically

I080 frequency response (-15°) and impedance


Interested in Adept Audio speakers or other low-voltage products and services available at SES? Become a customer today and see the benefit in partnering with SES first hand!

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