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Kwikset Authorized Reseller Program - Effective 8/3/2020 | SES | Security Equipment Supply

Kwikset Authorized Reseller Program - Effective 8/3/2020
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Kwikset Authorized Reseller Program - Effective 8/3/2020

Dear Security Dealer,

At Spectrum Brands, Inc., we are committed to you—the security dealer partners that have helped our Kwikset® brand become the #1 selling residential U.S lock brand by providing customers with the quality, technology, durability and style they want while guaranteeing the highest level of security. To protect our brand and the integrity of our authorized distribution channels, Spectrum Brands, Inc., for its Kwikset brand (“Kwikset”), is announcing and implementing an Authorized Reseller Program, effective August 3, 2020.

Among other benefits, our Authorized Reseller Program will ensure that all sellers of Kwikset products understand and take the steps necessary to ensure product quality and provide the excellent customer service that is integral to the reputation of our brand. In addition, our Authorized Reseller Program will assist us in identifying and taking action against unauthorized sellers that are harming you and consumers through the sale of damaged and diverted products.

Your obligations under our new Authorized Reseller Program are outlined in the attached Kwikset Authorized Security Dealer Policy, the key features of which are set forth below:

Restrictions on Resale: Kwikset is committed to maintaining the integrity of its authorizeddistribution channels and to stopping the diversion of Kwikset products to unauthorized sellers.To this end, the Authorized Security Dealer Policy provides that you may only purchase Kwikset products for installation as part of a commercial building security or building automation enterprise. You are not permitted to sell or transfer the products in an uninstalled state to any person or entity without our prior written consent.This prohibition includes the resale of theproducts in an uninstalled state by any means, including online. This rule will be strictly enforced.

Ensuring Product Quality and Satisfaction: To ensure that the end users who select Kwikset products for installation have the best experience possible, the Authorized Security Dealer Policy describes certain steps you must take to maintain the quality of Kwikset products prior to and during installation. The Authorized Security Dealer Policy also outlines our expectations for the service you must provide to your customers.

For your reference, we have included a Frequently Asked Questions document regarding the Authorized Security Dealer Policy and our new Authorized Reseller Program. Thank you for your careful attention to the Authorized Security Dealer Policy and for your continued support of Spectrum Brands, Inc. and the Kwikset brand.

Please direct any questions regarding the Authorized Reseller Program or the attached documents to

Spectrum Brands, Inc.

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