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New Z-Wave Standard Should Boost Smart Home Performance | SES | Security Equipment Supply

New Z-Wave Standard Should Boost Smart Home Performance
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New Z-Wave Standard Should Boost Smart Home Performance

A new version of the Z-Wave wireless transmission protocol should give a substantial boost to smart home systems. The new standard, known as Z-Wave Long Range (Z-Wave LR), was announced in September by the industry group Z-Wave Alliance.

The Z-Wave protocol is widely used in the physical security industry to connect system controllers with smart home devices such as door locks, lighting controls, thermostats, and more.

Z-Wave LR

Z-Wave LR increases transmission range in comparison with the traditional Z-Wave standard. According to Z-Wave Alliance, that will enable customers’ systems to include devices outside the home such as garage door sensors and gate access offerings. The new standard also is designed to eliminate – or at least reduce -- the need for repeaters.

Another important characteristic of Z-Wave LR: It can support up to 2,000 nodes on a single smart home network – a ten times increase over traditional Z-Wave.

Additionally, Z-Wave LR has dynamic control, which according to Z-Wave Alliance, should enable sensors to operate up to 10 years on a coin cell battery.

The Z-Wave LR specification will be managed and certified through the Z-Wave Plus V2 certification program. That program already mandates the inclusion of the enhanced S2 security framework and SmartStart, a set-up feature designed to enable plug-and-play installation.

Smart home manufacturers undoubtedly are working on or looking closely at adding Z-Wave LR support to their products. When those products hit the market, they will be backward compatible with systems and devices that use the current Z-Wave standard for communication. Additional information about Z-Wave LR can be found in this press release.

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