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What is the Advantage of Combining Access Control and Video Management on a Single Platform? | SES | Security Equipment Supply

What is the Advantage of Combining Access Control and Video Management on a Single Platform?
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What is the Advantage of Combining Access Control and Video Management on a Single Platform?

Paxton10 combines access control and video management on a single platform. The platform also includes one user-friendly online interface, facilitating easy management of building or site security.

Paxton10 is a modular system that can handle up to 1,000 doors per server across multiple sites, as well as 1,000 video cameras. It has Bluetooth smart credentials and can be integrated with fire and intrusion alarm systems.

The system is compatible with PaxLock and Entry offerings. PaxLock is a Paxton lock for an office door that has a built-in access controller. Entry is a Paxton video intercom.

Integration Advantages

It’s quite commonplace for a building to have access control and IP video surveillance cameras, but often the two systems are not integrated because doing so is viewed as too complex. Paxton10 eliminates that complexity by providing pre-integrated access control and IP video surveillance.

System operation is easier, because the same software controls who has access to the building and provides video footage of what happens on site. Doors open only when an authorized access token is presented to the access control system. If a forced entry attempt is made, surveillance cameras can capture the event and alert the system administrator.

The Paxton10 architecture uses a single access control unit (ACU) per door. The Paxton ACU provides a cost-effective solution to support camera and door management from a single controller. Configuring Paxton10 cameras, servers and controllers is not required.

A web user interface and a Paxton app provide remote access to the Paxton10 system. The app, known as Paxton Connect, is available at no charge.

The Paxton10 system also can be integrated with fire and intrusion alarms to simplify building management. A dedicated Paxton10 alarm controller can be installed in the connector housing or into the housing of the fire or intrusion alarm.

Integrating Paxton10 with the alarm system simplifies arming and disarming of intrusion alarms in different areas. It reduces the risk of accidental alarm activation and can automatically release all doors in the event of a fire.

Paxton10 and other Paxton access control equipment is available at your local Security Equipment Supply (SES) branch. Security Equipment Supply is a leading alarm distributor. We handle residential/ commercial alarm equipment and fire protection equipment, as well as access control and video surveillance equipment. SES has 13 fully stocked branches across the U.S. and a dedicated team of account representatives ready to assist you with all your security and life safety equipment needs.